Welcoming and Integration Services for Newcomers

Each year, we welcome and help thousands of newcomers to Québec determined to build a future, people just like You!

We offer different services to welcome, help and accompany newcomers that settle
in Montreal. Our services are free and intended to people that have arrived in Canada
for 5 years or less detaining a permanent resident status or refugee.

Contact us as of now to take an appointment with one of our Counsellors. We will
provide assistance and accompaniment in your establishment and integration within the
Quebec Society!

Welcome, Establishment and Social Integration Services

Upon you arrival to the Country, You will need to carry out multiple administrative
steps, find an apartment in the Montreal region along with adapting to a new culture.
We are pleased to welcome you, answer to all of your questions and guide you. We
offer individualized advice in order to facilitate your establishment as also, information
sessions and activities for your integration!

We are available as well to help new immigrants fill out their Application for Canadian
Citizenship, write invitation letters or complete the process of sponsoring a member of
their family that wishes to settle in Quebec!

For the Welcoming and Integration Services, contact us as of now at 514 281-5696. Our
counsellors will be pleased to serve you in English.

Employment Insertion Services

One of the greatest challenges to settle in a new country is to find a satisfying job. We
offer an individualized counselling path, advice and trainings for You in order to achieve
your goal: a career suiting your potential, interests and skills!

The Employment Insertion Services are offered in French and English. In order to work in
Montreal, it is a necessity to be able to speak one of the two languages being used in
the Job Market. However, if you are developing your language, French or English, skills
at this moment, our counsellors will gladly answer any questions you may have, help
you with your Job Search and guide you to a winning strategy!

For Employment Insertion Services,contact us at 514 281-2038. Our Counsellors will be
pleased to serve you in English.

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